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What is Brent Cross London? 

Brent Cross London incorporates the redevelopment of the existing Brent Cross Shopping Centre with additional retail space, new restaurants, a cinema complex, hotel accommodation, a new town square, a relocated and enlarged new bus station as well as improved public spaces.  It will become the focal part of the northern element of the larger regeneration plan for the Brent Cross Cricklewood area.

What is the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration plan? 

Brent Cross Cricklewood is a key element of Barnet Council’s regeneration and housing programme over the next 10-20 years.  The Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration area covers around 370 acres and will renew and revitalise this significant quarter of North London into a new urban village.  The area is bordered by Brent Cross Shopping Centre in the north, the A41/Hendon Way in the east; Cricklewood Lane in the south; and the A5 Edgware Road in the west, and is one of the most significant planned new developments in Europe.

As well as seeing the development of Brent Cross Shopping Centre, the whole regeneration plan is designed to provide around 7,500 new homes over the next 20 years, including affordable homes and replacement homes for the Whitefield Estate, major upgrades to the local transport network (including a new mainline railway station – 15 minutes into central London), improved public spaces and new employment opportunities for local people (around 27,000 jobs).

Can you update me on what has been happening with this project to date? 

Hammerson and Standard Life Investments secured outline planning consent to do this from Barnet Council in 2010 and further approvals in 2014 and 2015, but detailed planning consent from Barnet Council for the main elements of the scheme is now required.  We expect to submit final plans for the redevelopment of Brent Cross Shopping Centre in the form of a detailed planning application to Barnet Council in spring 2017. But we will only submit the detailed application (Reserved Matters) after we have considered the public, shopper and retailer feedback that we get over the next few weeks and only when we have fine-tuned all the designs and layouts in light of the feedback that we receive.

Why are we consulting now? 

Having secured outline planning approval the larger £4.5bn regeneration plan for Brent Cross and Cricklewood in 2010, Hammerson and Standard Life Investments are now working up detailed designs for Phase 1B of the regeneration which comprises the Brent Cross London development.

Therefore, to gather information from the local community to inform the detail designed it is important that we host public exhibitions to provide information on the consultation exercise and the key details as to what Brent Cross London will incorporate.

What will the consultation include? 

A four-day public exhibition will be held at Centre Court within Brent Cross Shopping Centre, beginning on Thursday 3 November and ending on Sunday 6 November.

The exhibition will provide all the necessary information on the proposed plans and it will be manned by members of the project team and the centre’s management team. 

There will be new CGIs showing people how the new Shopping Centre will look from different perspectives.  We will also have a model, and members of the project team will be there to answer people’s questions.

How are we reaching shoppers and the general public? 

We have or will use various channels to alert people to the public consultation and in particular the exhibitions:

  • Email to 80,000 people on the Brent Cross Shopping Centre database
  • Letter posted to 34,000 local homes and businesses
  • Advertisements in local newspapers: the Barnet Press, Ham & High and the Jewish Chronicle
  • Dedicated website –
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Newspaper articles, reports on radio and TV
  • Posters in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre
  • Notified local MPs, London Assembly members and councillors in Barnet, Brent and Camden
  • Direct communication with various local community organisations 
How can people provide feedback and what will we do with it? 

We have four different ways to gather feedback from people:

  • Complete the feedback form at the exhibition or complete the online form
  • Post the feedback form (or their comments) via a freepost address
  • Call our Freephone number
  • Email us via our website

We will collate the feedback that we receive, identify any strong themes or issues, consider them with the project team and adapt our plans as necessary. A report on the public consultation will form part of our planning submission to the London Borough of Barnet.

How will we keep people informed of progress? 

When we have news to report, the Brent Cross London Development Team will let you know as they do now, and we will post bulletins on the Brent Cross London website, and use the various others channels that we have available.

Having received feedback, when will the detailed planning application be submitted? 

Hammerson and Standard Life Investments expect to submit a reserved matters (detailed) planning application to the London Borough of Barnet in spring 2017.

How much will this project cost to bring forward? 

This is a £1.4 billion investment for Hammerson and Standard Life Investments.

How is Argent Related involved in the scheme? 

Argent Related, in a joint venture with London Borough of Barnet, will deliver the southern element of the scheme across the North Circular from the shopping centre. Dialogue with the local community about their proposals can be found here.

Outline Planning Permission was granted in 2010.

Brent Cross South will incorporate:

  • 6,700 new homes with a mix of sale, rental and affordable
  • Up to 4 million square feet of new office space providing for over 25,000 jobs
  • A new high street, with local shops and restaurants
  • Improved transport connections, with an additional Thameslink station serving the area
  • Better walking and cycle routes
  • New bridges over the North Circular, Midland Main Line and Hendon Way
  • New squares and parks with inspiring places for children to play
  • New and improved community facilities.
Is it necessary to completely redevelop the shopping centre? 

Yes, albeit the existing centre will be refurbished and reconfigured. When it opened 40 years ago, Brent Cross was the UK’s first US-style shopping mall and it has become London’s most iconic major retail destination.

However to ensure the scheme remains relevant to its customers, it is important that we now transform the centre into a modern shopping, dining and leisure destination so that the centre once again becomes the destination for the best global brands and experiences.

Hammerson and Standard Life Investment’s £1.4 billion investment will transform Brent Cross Shopping Centre into a world-class shopping and leisure destination.

So how big is the new shopping centre going to be? 

The new centre will add an extra 1.4million sq ft of retail space, so it will double the size of the existing centre. 

What will this new world-class shopping destination include? 
  • Around 200 new shops, 400,000 sq ft of leisure space, over 40 new restaurants, a cinema complex, hotel accommodation and other leisure facilities
  • A new and enlarged bus station
  • Improved public spaces, including a new Riverside Park and improvements to Sturgess Park
  • New pedestrian and cycle routes
  • New residential homes
  • Brent Cross Town Square
How will the current centre be affected by the development? What will remain? 
Brent Cross will be kept operational throughout the development process.
Are John Lewis, Fenwick and M&S all staying in the centre? 

We are in discussions with all of our anchor tenants regarding their part in the new scheme and are hopeful that all will remain.

Have you started marketing Brent Cross London and if so what’s been the feedback? 

Yes, we are talking to retailers, hotel groups and cinema operators; the response so far has been good. They share our excitement. 

What leisure amenities can we expect to see? 

There will be 400,000 sq ft of leisure space, including more than 40 new restaurants, a cinema complex, hotel accommodation and other leisure facilities

How much housing will be incorporated into the scheme? 

New residential units are proposed on a plot adjacent to Layland Road and Sturgess Park. It is proposed that the plot will provide a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments but the precise number and the ratio between private and social housing has yet to be determined.

Will the redeveloped Brent Cross be an improvement on what is there now? 

The current concept for the shopping centre has evolved over a number of years and will meet the criteria of a modern 21st Century retail-led shopping centre. Furthermore, it will be characterised by diversity of urban blocks, architecture, space and mix of uses. 

Can a shopping centre really have such a regenerative effect on a town centre? 

Yes. It is vital that the extension and refurbishment of Brent Cross and highways and infrastructure are delivered. It represents one of the largest projects of its kind and is unique in that it will result in the creation of a new town centre within Greater London which will promote substantial economic growth and a sustainable mixed use environment.

The scheme has been talked about for some time. Is it actually going to happen? 

The 141 hectare (370 acre) Brent Cross Cricklewood masterplan has outline planning permission. Standard Life Investments and Hammerson intend to submit a detailed planning application for Brent Cross London in spring 2017.

When will construction work begin, and when is the expected opening date? 

We currently anticipate enabling works with begin in 2017, allowing for a 2018 start on site for Brent Cross with a potential completion date of 2021/2022.

Does the scheme have planning consent? 

The 141 hectare (370 acre) Brent Cross Cricklewood masterplan has outline planning permission. Standard Life Investments and Hammerson intend to submit a detailed planning application for Brent Cross London in spring 2017.

How will transport be impacted by the new development? 

We are working closely with the London Borough of Barnet, Argent Related and TfL to develop a transport plan that will provide significant improvements to the area and includes a new bus station, an additional train station and improved road, cycling and pedestrian routes.