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Public realm

We believe parks and open spaces are an extremely important part of Brent Cross London. The positive relationship between Brent Cross Shopping Centre, the open spaces around it and the river Brent will mean that Brent Cross London blends in seamlessly with its immediate environment.

  • Riverside Park CGI

Our plan to ensure that Brent Cross Shopping Centre remains in tune with its surroundings includes a ring of vegetation that reaches out to the River Brent, bringing the landscape up and into the centre. Having large trees and informal areas of planting brings the buildings down to a human scale, making them appear more comfortable in their setting.


The Living Bridge

Our vision for the new bridge is for a green landscaped boulevard, at the heart of the new town centre and sheltered from the North Circular, that is a pleasant place to walk across or to stop and enjoy.

It will also form an important connection between the transformed shopping centre, including the new Bus Station and the transformed Clitterhouse Playing Fields.



We want to restore the River Brent to its natural state, allowing aquatic plants for example, to flourish and grow. The creation of the park itself will hugely improve this area, with a new safe route along the riverside and a variety of different amenity areas within the park to allow people room to sit down, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

We received planning approval for the central reach of the park.  We are now consulting on the eastern and western reaches of the park, completing the jigsaw and enabling both cyclists and pedestrians alike to make seamless journeys along the riverside.



Sturgess Park is a 0.76 hectare neighbourhood park accessible from Brent Cross Shopping Centre and the surrounding residential streets.  We want to significantly improve it, providing facilities such as:

  • Play areas for all age groups
  • A central seating area

It will serve both new and existing communities around Brent Cross, and access to the Park will be improved with a new gateway to the south, improving the flow of people through the area, making the park a safer and more pleasurable place in which to walk.

We will look to keep existing trees and vegetation, but thin them out appropriately to allow for clearer views into and from the south and east and we are also proposing to plant some additional trees.