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Design principles

The vision for the entire Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration area is both strategic and local.
  • Aerial view of plot 101

At a local level, we want to create a lively town centre which, with its variety of experiences and facilities, will provide a focus not only for the new community that will grow around it but also for the existing communities that currently surround the site.

At a strategic level, Brent Cross Cricklewood will become one of the major urban centres in the north west of London and act as a key gateway to the city from the M1. The scale and quality of the new urban quarter will reflect the strategic significance of the site, and will stand as an exemplar for a new form of urban living.

While Brent Cross will be a destination of choice for those wishing to work or live in the area, it will also provide the seed for much wider regeneration and reinvestment in Barnet.

In particular, the key improvements to public transport which the scheme makes possible – a new bus station at Brent Cross in the north, a new railway station known as Brent Cross West Thameslink and a transport interchange to the south – will benefit not only the new residents but also those who currently live and work in the area.

The regeneration scheme will create the setting for a new pattern of urban living. It will provide opportunities for new business development, residential expansion, recreation and improved retail activity, securing new jobs and facilities to meet local and strategic needs for the future. The overall vision will also bring back into social and economic use disused and under-used land, improving the local urban fabric and relieving pressure on other parts of Barnet and London that are less appropriate for high density development. By maximising the use of brownfield land, the new town centre will be a model sustainable community with a unique and engaging sense of place.