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Brent Cross shopping sign


Here are all the planning documents available to view and download.

In May 2017, detailed plans for the redevelopment of Brent Cross Shopping Centre - the Reserved Matter Applications for Phase 1B - was submitted. These documents are available for download below:

In 2010, London Borough of Barnet granted outline planning permission for the masterplan for Brent Cross Cricklewood (2010 Outline Permission). In 2014, London Borough of Barnet granted a revised outline planning permission for Brent Cross Cricklewood (S73 Permission).

These documents are available for download below (010 and 011)

In 2015 and 2016, London Borough of Barnet approved Reserved Matter Applications for the first phase of the masterplan, Phase 1A (North), containing:

1) Transport infrastructure: including major improvements to roads and junctions in the area, and a new pedestrian and cycle bridge – the ‘Living Bridge’

2) Local Parks: Clitterhouse Playing Fields and Claremont Park

3) The central section of the new Brent Riverside Park (south of the shopping centre)

4) Replacement homes for residents on the Whitefield Estate

These documents are available for download below (001 - 009)
001. Phase 1A (North) RMA - Central Brent Riverside Park 
002. Phase 1A (North) RMA - Clitterhouse and Claremont Park 
Volume 3 
Volume 4 
003. Phase 1A (North) RMA - Development Plots 
Volume 3 
Volume 4 
004. Phase 1A (North) RMA - Infrastructure 
Volume 4 
Volume 5 
005. Phase 1A (North) ALTERNATIVE RMAs 
Cover Letters 
010. 2010 Permission 
Volume 11 
Volume 15 
Volume 19 
012. RMA 1B (North) Application 
Volume 3 
Volume 4 - For approval 
Volume 4 - Not for approval 
Volume 5